All of the Happytime Border Terriers retained for breeding (both past and present) volunteer in the pet therapy program at the local hospitals in Black Diamond and Nanton. They are screened and tested before they are allowed in the hospital.

The Happytime Border Terriers have an extensive collection of clothes that they wear for their volunteer work. The clothes reduce the amount of dog hair on the patients beds and clothing and add interest and humour to their visits. The clothes also remind the Borders they have a job to do.

Bell & Pat

Harrie & Annie with staff member

Jossie & Betty at Christmas

Harry with his lady friends

Muriel & Harry at Christmas

Della & Bell

Bridie visiting Betty ....

Betty is tickling Bridie's feet after Bridie has just finished washing Betty's face. Betty is laughing and it looks as though Bridie is laughing too. 
Once, when
Bell was visiting her, she stole another resident's apple and ate it, and then wiped her whiskers in Betty's hair (freshly shampooed and set) to remove the apple chunks.  Good thing Betty is a real dog lover!

Bridie, when still a puppy, visiting Muriel ...

Bridie with her friend, Ambrose at the hospital. 

They are Flames Hockey team fans.