Border Terrier Party 2006

Simon and baby brother, Jake getting acquainted cr
Bruce and Jake arriving at party
Bruce holds Buster for who needs a drink
Bruce with puppy, Buster competing in contest cr
ah come on just listen this once
Bruce and Debbie with Jake cr
Debbie and Jake cr
Anthony trying for the twenty second challenge
Theresa and Anthony watching Anthony compete
Alice tries to win with Jake
Brandon and Bell in contest cr
Brandon competing with Bell who is un-co-operative cr
Brandon, Steve and Laura with Simon and his friend, the Schnauzer
Casey and Harold relax in the shade during the contest
Casey, Harold, the whippet, Heather and Jolene Jelly Bean
The Abraham family with Suki and Digger
Matthew, his fatherRick and Digger
Matthew and Jolene--the winners
Crystal working with Harry while Theresa and Harry take their picture cr
Heather trying to win contest while simon ignores her cr
Kyra getting Digger to do his tricks
Happytime Party Border Terriers and friends

The party went well.  There were twenty of us despite the short notice.  I always forget how far these people travel to be here!  The people were 'local' this time.  The driving time was between one to three hours - no distance at all!  Unlike other years when some drive for two days!  And wouldn't you know, when it came to taking pictures, there was no co-operation at all.  The sky clouded over but it still managed to be unbearably hot and the two males whose pictures I really wanted, managed to move or turn away every time I took their picture. 

I think I came up with the ultimate Border Terrier party game.  Everyone had to trade BTs and they had twenty seconds to get the dog to do six things on command.  We had that after the terrible pun test and just before the loonie dog races.  As usual, no one bet on their own dog in the races.  The girl who was taking the bets noticed no one bet on Harry or Digger and thinking it was an insult, she bet on them.  Harry won so she got the money.
Much to everyone's surprise, Digger actually did the run and he came in second.  Bell, despite the heat, also competed.  Bell, alas, was built for strength, not speed. Every female was submissive to her and every male wanted to breed her.
 One of the ladies was explaining she uses the equivalent of a male 'chastity belt' when the bitches are in season so the dogs can be together.  Without thinking, I remarked--'That would never work for me.  Bell would remove it' - whereupon someone remarked 'Bell is a real 'hoochie'  ......... Sylvia Clark